As a former ballet dancer, body language has always been one of my biggest passions. That is why the figure plays such a significant role in my photography. I often observe and capture its curves in an abstract and surreal manner, seeking to emphasize the body as a sculptural composition element. The distortion of its shapes blurs the line between reality and illusion, natural and artificial. By hiding and revealing parts of it, I try to create a mystical world that leaves open questions for the observer. I view rebirth, creation and metamorphosis as the core of human identity and aim to incorporate them in my work through floral motives.
Viktoria Andreeva is a fine-art photographer focused on the body as the main composition element. The distortion of the figure aims to blur the line between reality and illusion, natural and artificial. She plays with elemental and symbolic opposites which contradict each other at first glance. Her work seeks to connect and communicate with the viewer - to open up a field for interpretation of the narrative. As a former ballet dancer, Viktoria’s love and passion for the art of movement have deeply influenced her aesthetic.
Born and raised in Bulgaria, in 2015 she moved to Vienna, where she pursued a degree in Photography and Audiovisual Media at the College of Arts Die Graphische. During her studies, she began her work on one of her biggest projects so far - a book depicting the many faces of ballet. This work contains photographic work focused on six ballet dancers from the Vienna State Opera alongside interviews and insight into their world.

06/08/2021-18/08/2021 "Unveiled mirrors" Group exhibition
Desiderio Gallery, Vienna, Austria
18/06/2021-30/06/2021 Group exhibition "Bodyscapes" 
PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
06/2021 Online Contemporary Art Exhibition "Her power"
Hong Kong, China
01/07/2021-24/07/2021 Group exhibition "The naked and the nude"
Press photo club, Sofia, Bulgaria
23/04/2021-02/05/2021 Group exhibition "Romantica - shape of my art"
M.A.D.S. Gallery, Milano, Italy
07/04/2021-07/05/2021- Virtual group exhibition "Nude affiliation and Portraiture“ 
Pepney Gallery, Cavan, Ireland
1/2021-3/2021 Travelling exhibition “Chosen“
Art Gallery Professor Iliya Petrov, Razgrad, Bulgaria
11/2020 Travelling exhibition “Chosen“
Art Gallery “Hristo Tsokev”, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
10/2020 -11/2020 Group exhibition “Chosen“ - part of the travelling exhibition of the
7th Photo Salon Plovdiv
Museum of photography and visual arts, Kazanluk, Bulgaria
09/2020 “7-th International Photo Salon Plovdiv” - Awarded photographers
Travelling exhibition
Ancient Theater, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
09/2019 “Loco-not locals”
Group exhibition at Kunstraum am Schauplatz
Vienna, Austria
06/2019 “Body Paint Soul” Viktoria Andreeva & Stefan Nuetzel
Studio Stefan Nuetzel, Vienna, Austria
04/2019 Participated in FOTO WIEN - Month of Photography
Vienna, Austria 
06/2018 - “In Schwebe”, Group exhibition, Gallery Lumina
Vienna, Austria
04/2017 - “The path”, Group exhibition
Shumen, Bulgaria

04/2021 Trierenberg Super Circuit 2021 - the worlds largest photo art contest
Gold Medal in Nude category
04/2021 7th Fine Art Photography Awards
Nudes Nominee Professional Category
12/2020 Chromatic Photo Awards 
Honorable mention/Professional Category-Nudes
12/2020 Budapest International Foto Awards
Silver Winner/Professional Category - Fine Art-Nude
09/2020  7-th International Photo Salon Plovdiv
HPS Statue “Aphrodite“ for the best Nude Body Photography
09/2020  7-th International Photo Salon Plovdiv
Incentive Jury Diploma
04/2020 6th Fine Art Photography Awards
Nudes Nominee Professional Category

02/2021 International Art Market Magazine- Issue #56
04/2019 Madonna Magazine - “The Unveiling of the Mask”

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