The book »The unveiling of the mask — a book about the many faces of ballet« allows a glimpse behind the scenes of the ballet world.
By portraying the lives of ballet dancers through interviews and photography, the reader is given a clearer understanding of the profession.
Six individual professional dancers opened up to reveal insight to this half-forgotten form of art. The detailed and extensive interviews show the deep emotions connected to the profession of dancing.
Unlike most of the publications approaching the world of ballet, this book does not lay its focus on the technical abilities and talent of the dancers, but shines a light on the intensive processes behind the big curtains, the constant aiming at perfection and the devotion of the individual dancers.
Artistically enacted photography and photo reportages show the two contrasting worlds of ballet — the perfected, fictional and performed world on stage, and the personal, real lives of the dancers.
Editorial design: Thea Beck
Studio photography: Viktoria Andreeva
Reportage photography: Jana Scherr

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